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ok well here I sit at kandahar AB, afghanistan.  It has started to get cold here at night, down into the low 40s.  Today, 28 Oct, it got cloudy, thats a bad sign.  Rain and Dirt = MUDD and that means a mess everywhere you go.  Rainy season is on its way and so it the 20 degree weather.  If it snows, Im gonna be pretty upset, I mean come on it is the desert, it is supposed to be hot.......

 I took a few pictures of the guys and some of our work..  I have more, but the internet is so slow here, I get frustrated waiting for them to load on the website. so I can only do a few at a time. 

I had my first sand storm today, its not my most favorite thing in the world, I know I will get more though.  There is a constant taste of metal in my mouth.  I dont think I like that either.  It is from all the dirt and crap in the air.  Ive tried everything to get it out, nothing works.  it goes away ever couple of days, or I get used to it one, then after 2 or 3 days it will come back.  Oh well part of life. 

No real update this week.  just a note to say I am fine....

look at the deployment photos page......

10 Jan 2011

 All is good!  Rained a little last night.  Made it pretty cold out.  We have been in the negatives at night, the lowest has been -3.  I started my class I am about 5 days ahead already.  I think Im going to like it, seems pretty ok so far. 

 Im glad Christmas and the New Years are over I was a little home sick through it all.  Getting to talk to you all on Christmas help.  Krystina's Birthday is coming up, dont forget, just about 7 more days. 

Love you all.

In the begining

In the beginning there was a need for peace, now there is no peace just alot of bombs and a ton of great places to drop them!!!!!




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